Wednesday, 24 December 2008

And not a mouse stirred

Yes, it's now officially Christmas Eve, and it's time to down tools for 48 hours and listen to some carols, eat mince pies and play with my new online putting, no, no. That will have to wait til I get back in the office and I'm now going to go into golf rehab for the next two days. But what if I get a Sky Caddie? Will I be able to stay in and just admire it? Or will I have to get out and give it a go? Now that could be a tricky one. Will probably have to fill my boots with whisky and a bit of port, and render myself generally imobile on the couch. Need a little rest as our Chairman has signed me up to run a 10km in Feb. I think he's trying to tell me something.

Over and out and back before the New Year runs away with itself.


Monday, 8 December 2008

Down on the farm

Another day on the farm that is . When I say farm, I mean that in the nicest possible way. We're more organic and one onion at a time - not some sprawling tract of land out in East Anglia. But we are only at the begining of the growing cycle. Just planting the seeds, and putting down the fertiliser, so to speak. Anyway, enough of my arable parables. What's really been going on is that we've been getting heads round natural search optimization, key search terms, and PPC.

I'm in severe danger of turning into an SEO head - search engine optimization that is. But we have to let the world know we exist and care, so all these stones have to be looked under and thoroughly examined. Otherwise we'll just be talking to ourselves and what would be the point of that?

Right, that's quite enough of this random entry.


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Demise of the Western World

Well, it's a bit of a pity that the whole of the western world is falling into rack and ruin. I almost agreed with Jeremy Clarkson for the first time - he was predicting doom and gloom on Radio 2 the other day, and for once was probably right. But that's as far as I will come to agreeing with his world view. He's really the Daily Mail in disguise. But here at life goes on - lots of work going on with the website, new content springing up everywhere. What's not to like.


Friday, 5 December 2008

First Outage

Well crisis struck - the f****** site went down for a few hours. The CTO was in the pub - Friday night so fair play - but being a trooper he got it sorted and I was able to get on with my evening - making improvements on the site, or rather recommendations. Can't do the proper tech stuff yet. I have such an exciting life. I think I'm in danger of becoming a tech head. Well, that might be pushing it. In fact our CTO would belly laugh at the very suggestion. But here at we will not be detered by such matters. We will golf and we will generally prevail, even though the western world has decided to have a bit of melt down. But our Gordon will sort us all out -

Will linking to Downing Street scupper us, or is it an amazing move that will build us an audience of frustrated golfers operating within Whitehall. Only time will tell.

Right, better get on with it.


Friday, 21 November 2008

NEC Golf Show

Just back in after a long day in Birmingham at the NEC Golf Show. Show runs for another two days, so get in there. There was some brisk business being done, especially at the American Golf stand - or should I say superstore - a massive bit of retail space at the heart of the show. There's no sign of a golf recession in the West Midlands from what I saw.

I was impressed by the visitors - real hard core golf junkies.

Less impressed by having to pay £8 to park.

Bit of a liberty if you also have to pay and entry fee. Didn't realise that the NEC is really a car parking business. That's ok for a trade show, but it's asking a lot for punters. So we drove straight through the barriers as an act of defiance. Well, we thought about it. For at least 30 seconds.

We also hooked up with some old friends, including Andy Hiseman of Hiseman Ltd, and Nicole Wheatley of Medi8ltd. Amongst many others of course - we've got lots of friends, really.

We also unleashed the wonderful Sophie Horn on an unsuspecting golf world. She will be a superstar on ShowMeTheGolf.TV.

Right to bed. 7 hours of driving, one McDonalds, 4 pints of bitter and I'm done. I wasn't doing the driving I would add.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

It's all Kicking off

Tomorrow we are off to the NEC for the golf show. We'll be talking to everyone and giving them the full low down, whether they want to hear it or not. We make no apologies. Lots of other exciting things happening, but it's still a little early to write about them here. How annoying! But have to keep mum until things are properly sorted. But it's all looking good in the SMGTV world.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Well this whole fund raising process can be a little frantic, and occasionally things get the better of you. We had a great scam email today - high quality and not your normal Nigerian rubbish. A whole lot more cunning, well referenced etc etc. We had 30 seconds of blimey and an hour of get off my case. But you still feel a little tarnished by the whole thing, especially as you are totally serious about getting things done, as we are.

But the ships sails on in a stately manner, ready to bob around a bit on the waves of fund raising madness. We'll get it sorted.


Monday, 17 November 2008

Sky Caddy

I've been trying to get my paws on a Sky Caddy to offer as a competition prize, but guess what - stock is impossible to get hold of. Everything they've got is out waiting to be gobbled up for Christmas. So that's good news -either there's not a recession going on or golfers are putting a little extra on the mortgage to squeeze out a bit more competitive advantage. Think I know where my money is. It's like this Abbey National....sorry, Santander. And I'm not linking to them!


Sunday, 16 November 2008

All Quite On The Golfing Front

It's been an almost golf free day. Didn't even make it down the driving range to refine that piece of art that is my swing - more influenced by Picasso in his blue period than anything else.

Doesn't yet quiet have the refinement of an Octopus falling out of a tree a la Mr Jim Furyk. That's phase two. Well, probably phase 85 and then I'll be a rich Tour player, which is in the grand scale of things quite unlikely.

So now I'm going to sit and review my Swing Zone motion analysis video. It's a bit of a video nasty, but at least I now know the truth and have got a way forward to sorting it out. Then I'm going to settle in for a bit of Alien V Predator - walk in the park after watching my swing.


Old Friends

Had a catch up with one the business's old friends, Reuben Cook. He set up our original IT infrastructure when we were launching Golf Punk. He also managed to set off the alarm system at the Sussex Innovations Centre where we were based by burning the toast - this resulted in a full scale evacuation of the building! Bit of a classic moment. Reuben has his own IT infrastructure company -The Full Circle -which I'd really recommend. But just don't let him anywhere near the toaster.


Saturday, 15 November 2008


Last week was a big week in all sorts of ways, and next week promises to be even bigger. We had to sort out what we wanted to do at the NEC Golf Show. That's taken care of now and we're up on Friday for the day. We were going to be up for the whole weekend, but one of Tim's saucepans is having his First Holy Communion so we have to get back for that - as a bit of a lapsed Catholic I'm with the programme, and have always wanted to do this - link to the faith - Maybe there is a band of Catholic golfing brothers out there? We are all very nice here, so it's always a possibility. But we are also multi faith - if you golf you get it.

Then there's been a flurry of fund raising activity, and all of it good. We've been everywhere - from Haywards Heath to Horsham, to the City of London- I know they are in disgrace at the moment, but we do need a little consideration to keep us in bandwidth - our provider is Level 3 - golf balls - we love our Srixons and our Pro V1's in particular - and RedBull.

Reminds me that I must call Red Bull next week, as they do the Final Five - have a RedBull and play like a god for the last five holes - and will probably be very supportive.

So all is good on the home front. Global dominance will take a while, but you have to start somewhere.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Poults Driver

So Poults threw his toys out of his pram because he had his driver nicked-

Now I do like a nice cobra myself and we previewed the new L5V in our last show, so I have a large degree of sympathy - well, 11 degrees of loft sympathy actually.

I'm still getting my head round the downside of playing in the tournament badly rather than picking up a new one out of the pro shop and having a trash, and maybe getting something out of it.

But this is because I am not a Tour Pro. Is it a loss of points, which puzzles me, or the possibility of loosing confidence? I am not the journo around here so I don't feel to embarrassed asking. Will turn the question over to the rest of the troops tomorrow.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Weller's Been Smoking

This is for Tim's benefit. Paul Weller's been caught smoking in Crawley. What a bad man! And he hates golf! Double bad stuff. That's after I paid £5.98 for a pack of Malbi Lights this evening on the way home - daylight robbery, or in my case night time robbery. Hate these short days.

I'm not going to link to Marlboro as that could cause us all sorts of problems. So instead I'll link to a product which we highlighted on our last show - This lets you have a smoke and then stub out your ciggie and put it into your own mobile ashtray. Very environmentally friendly, and keeps the greens free of irritating butts.

Apparently it's also good for storing your used chewing gum.

So next time Paul, if you want a fag on stage 1) Don't - have some nicorette instead and take a Stubbi with you - 2) Have a game of golf instead and take a Stubbi with you 3) Have a game of golf, smoke heavily, record another great album - see latest offering - and steer clear of Crawley.

So that's how you combine Paul Weller, Smoking, Golf and blowing smoke up your CEO's ass in one piece. Checkmate in three.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Bunker Mentality

Those nice people at Bunker Mentality have really come up with the goods, or should I say the goodies.

50 of their finest shirts to be used as prizes to entice golfers of the world to sign up and get their golf friends on board.

Family hold back as the saying goes, so I'll probably have to stick to wearing my old M&S tat. But maybe if I asked nicely....


Sunday, 9 November 2008

New Show

The new show is up and live and dangerous.

It should keep you all well amused and informed.

We are also featuring our first advertiser - Sky Caddy. And we love the ad - very creative I have to say, and I'm going to try and blag one for Christmas.

Check it out at Could save you a lot of pain.


Burghess Hill Golf Centre

Sunday is another work day as there's too much to be done in readyness for the NEC Golf show -

But I needed to get out - well, I generally think I need to get out more - so I went off to the Burghess Hill Golf Centre -

They've got 28 undercover, floodlit, bays and a great little 9 hole course, which is very well maintained. USPGA spec greens no less. It's perfect for squeezing in a few holes when you are short on time, and it's quiet a tough challenge. I'm still to shoot a great round there, and as I felt that wasn't going to happen today, I kept myself confined to the Driving Range.

They've recently put in those machines that tee your ball up for you, which is bliss. But you can crank your way through a lot of balls without really thinking about what you are doing.

Right, better get back to it.


Lords Love Us And Save Us

Just found out that James Milner is attending the NEC Golf Show and Tim is a mad Leeds fan - JM being an ex Leeds player and all of that. So I'm sure we are going to be after an interview with him.

Count down has now started for the show, and we're almost good to go. Tim's motor has a fresh MOT and is properly taxed, so no worries there.

We'll be watching out for speed camera's, but James Milner should also watch out. Hope to see you all there. Check out


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Mannings Heath

We were filming the 1th at Mannings Heath yesterday, and what a perfect Autumn day. Checked the forecast two day beforehand, and was expecting to get rained on all day. But perfect sunshine, and we managed to capture their famous 11th in all its Autumn glory.

Also filmed the 5th on their Kingfisher course, which is a great pay and play course. The main Waterfall course is members only, so we know we are tempting to you in and then can't deliver it to you properly. But if any site members really want a go, come back to us through and we'll try and sort you out.

The 11th is their Hellhole - trouble the whole way down the left hand side in the shape of a stream. But as I slice, I wasn't too phased. Anyway, the footage will be up in a couple of weeks, so you'll be able to check it out properly then.

The Kingfisher course is their pay and play course. It's probably some of the best value golf that you'll get in Sussex on a rock up and play basis. Check it out at

I get the feeling that people are catching on to what they've got at the Kingfisher, so its probably best to book ahead. But we are planning to have our golf scoiety there as it's perfect for the mixed bunch of golfers that make up our Berk Central. You can book at

That all looks a bit long winded for me. So if that doesn't work just go to and you'll soon find your way there.

I've also got to say that you'll get a very warm welcome there. OK, so we were there in an 'official' capacity, but the truth is they didn't need to be so helpful as we are still in our infancy and just getting going. But they were extremely hospitable and generally made life very easy. So expect a warm welcome and enjoy the food - some of the best golf grub around.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Just been watching our interview with the Cobra Senior Product Manager, and I've got to say its a corker. I know we are finding our feet in this space, but I just have to say that this is the best way to find out about new equipment. Why read a press ad when you can actually see a product being demonstrated and explained through video? I think I got a bit tearful just watching it. I have now composed myself and am fit to continue. Could use one of their mighty beasts on Friday when we hit Mannings Heath. Check out

Over and out.


Mannings Heath

Just trying to sort out some golf at Mannings Heath - we want to shoot their famous 11th as aHell Hole. Aparently it is one of Gary Players top 18, so we'd better do it justice.

Sophie is going to be coming along, so we are going to have to be on top form as she can hit the ball a country mile.

There's talk about getting on the course for 7am, so it's going to have to be an early night. And it better not be raining! Just checked. Rain all expect some rain lashed footage coming your way soon on

Monday, 3 November 2008

Free Golf

My brother has donated some vouchers to play golf at Hampton Court Palace to the cause. He's a member and plays about twice a year as he's got saucepans (translation: saucepan lid = kid). I've been playing there for years - well before it was rebranded as Hampton Court Palace.

Used to be called Home Park, and was basically the course for London Cabbies. All tarted up now, but still a lovely course. Inland links for the main part, which is a totally alien concept until you go and actually play there. It's weird thinking links golf and looking up to see Hamtpon Court Palace in the background.

Now my game is almost intact, I'm looking forward to having a proper go there. The rough is terrible in the summer, but should have quietened down by now. Another weird feature is the bird life - there's a whole colony of Parakeets living there.

Right, back to it.


Karlsson, Kjeldsen, Kalmer

I'm sure there's some sort of joke about a Swede, a Dane and a German but I can't for the life of me figure it out on a damp Monday morning. But the 3 K's, let's call them all had a pretty good weekend. Tied in 32nd place was good enough for Karlsson to take the Order of Merit, while Kjeldsen's 71 wrapped up a win having led from the first round. And as for the final K, Mr Kayer took second place with a 68 and secured his 8th position in the Order of Merit.

So that's that then for the year, and maybe forever, as the Race to Dubai now takes over. And as this starts this month with the HSBC Champions event in Shanghai, you have to say that the golf season is now pretty much continuous. Well, we've got a few days off, but that's about it.....not complaining mind you as I need some continuous golf distraction to keep my mind off the state of the economy.


Sunday, 2 November 2008

Letting you all know

It's all well and good to have developed a great site, but if we can't let you know what's going on what chance do we have? I'm now engrossed in the dark arts of search engine optimiziation, and learning how to make everyone come and join the fun.

But it's a steep learning curve for the uninitiated I can tell you. A little bit of this, a dab of the other, and a dollop of some of that. Need some proper tuition. We're not going to all this trouble to create great content if none of you know it's there. Right, lesson one: introduce relevant key words. Here's a few: golf, more golf, a bit more golf, even more golf than we had earlier on, additional golf, double golf this afternoon, and let's play golf on Friday at Manning's Heath.

That's actually in the plan as we want to go and play the 11th which is their Hell Hole, and one of Gary Player's Top 18 in the world. Hope Google doesn't penalise me for stuffing in as many mentions of golf into this blog as is humanly possible, but we've got to start somewhere. And as we are all about golf, and nothing but golf, I think it's only fair that we stick the word golf about the place as often as humanly possible.

But need some more coaching from the CTO as to how we get recognized and appreciated for what we are doing. Well, maybe not appreciated, but we'd love some of you to get involved and come on board. We may have to revert to more headlines like 'Teenage Golf Sex Frenzy.' That certainly got on Golf Girl's radar, and so we had some American visitors as a result. Which was very welcomed. Hope they come back and visit soon.


Boo Weekly and Jay Leno

Just been watching the Boo Weekly interview which we've got on ShowMeTheGolf.TV. He's as Southern a boy as Southern a boy gets. I'll be getting my Lynard Skynard dusted off, and a bit of Drive By Truckers - actually, they're probably a bit too modern and ironic for Boo. Great to see that Boo's performance and persona has broken through in the wider American consciousness. It's all good.


Analytics Chapter 2

I've just found out how to get over Google inferiority complex. Well, we are new so if you type in showmethegolf you get about 1600 page listings. Not bad in all honesty as we've only been around a few weeks. But when I found that golf in Iran gave you about 3 million Google listings I did feel a bit miffed. So I've now gone and typed in show me the golf, and everything's just fine. We've got 3,520,000 listings already, so we're probably famous already, but we just don't know it. Thanks heavens for that.


The Power of Analytics

I just love checking out our site analytics, and seeing who's been looking in and from where. At the moment our we've had viewers everywhere from Connecticut and Virgina to California and Maine. It feels a bit random when you are used to doing magazines, but exhilarating at the same time as you know you can connect with people in so many different states without having to raise millions to launch an actual magazine in the US. Or India, or China, or anyway else that golfs played for that matter. I am wondering which countries in the world don't have a golf course.

I lived in the Ukraine for a bit and there were none there, but I think one was being built when I was going. I know there's one in Afghanistan. There's a nine hole in Nepal near Katmandu airport. Tibet's probably short on courses. And then there's the various Stans - Kazik etc where the great game has probably not yet exploded. Africa is a tricky one, and I'll tread carefully here as the Congo isn't exactly a belly of laughs at the moment.

Latin America is pretty well covered - some great courses in Argentina I'm told.

Iceland's doing fine on the golf front - if not so well on other fronts.

Alaska has got have some golf action - but I'm steering well clear of Palin country.

I know El Salvador has a course, as Richard Archer from Hard Fi has told me that there's a great course there. Sorry for the shameless name drop. But it is almost relevant, and I don't know many famous rock stars - although Shane McGowan was at my school. A little before my time it has to be said. And Gavin Rosedale from Bush was there. I like to think that I encouraged him with the guitar. It's just that he went on the sell millions of records in the US, and I didn't.
Not that I'm bitter you understand.

The Gualapagos are probably underserved, but as they are part of Ecuador they don't count.

Falkland islands have a few courses.

I doubt golf has taken off in Iran yet - better google that to check. One moment. No - 8,880,000 entries for golf Iran. They must be mad for it. That's given me a terrible Google ranking inferiority complex. Apparently they are building a multi billion dollar golfing complex there. Can't be right. How do you spend a billion on a golf course?

Where else? Ethiopa. Check. Spa as well. How about Bhutan?, covered. Go to - of course! They've even got a Youth Association - but no pro shop in the country, so there's an opportunity. Of sorts.

North Korea is obviously a hot bed as the great leader shot a -38 on his first ever go. He's planning on joining the Race to Dubai I'm told.

Just had a stab at Azerbiajan - yup, covered. Forgot about Baku Golf and Country Club.

Now I'm really starting to struggle....

Kazahstan - covered again. Just played their 3rd national Open.

Mongolia. Surely not. Let's check. 2 courses including the Genghis Khann Country Club - and there's an article about a berk who played 1320 miles of golf from one end of the country to the other. Get a life.

Anyway, so there you have it. Golf is pretty much everywhere - which we all knew - but you'll struggle to get a game in Tibet, and some parts of Africa. Otherwise, wherever you are heading, bring your clubs. You might just need them.



I am taking a break from golf for a couple of minutes to catch up with the Stanford Cup. I'm delighted the West Indies - sorry the Superstars - are getting the cash. It'll be a boost for the whole region. I lived in Jamacia for a couple of years, and know how much they will feel it . IN STYLE - six finishes it. Job done. Right, better get back to some golf stuff.

Saturday, 1 November 2008


The Postman came this morning and delivered a lovely package of golfing wonderment. It's a new training gismo, which helps sort out your balance. I'm feeling slightly off balance this evening, but that's more to do with the wine, and I don't think any training aid could sort that out. Will wait until tomorrow before trying it.


Mothers of Invention

Yesterdy we were down at the Sussex Golf College, which is based at Lindfield Golf Course, for the which a big thanks to Paul Lyons who runs the show there. We set up our studio for the show we are now recording in their up-stairs driving range area, and I have to say it worked a treat. A little bit parky, but that kept us all on our toes and helped keep the pace going. Necessity is certainly the mother of invention, as Frank Zappa would testify. A bit of creativity, and viola a fantastic golf studio.

So this weekend we'll start the editing, and by sometime mid next week there will be programme number two from the ShowMeTheGolf.TV team. We are thinking of inviting Jonathan Ross down for the next show, as it looks like he'll be needing some broadcasting work. Won't be asking that Brand fellow though, as he'd never focus on the golf, and would spend all his time trying to seduce our wonderful Sophie Horn. Over my dead body. Or to misquote Charlton Heston, 'from my dead, cold hand.' He was talking about guns I think rather than women, but I was reminded of the saying after a conversation with Our Man in the US, Jay Townsend. Not only a great golfer, but a fine shot as well. And heavily armed when back in the US. If attacked likely to come at you with a 9 iron and a 44. You have been warned.


Friday, 31 October 2008


Good, the efforts of yesterday have started to pay off. Some initial feedback from various sources so we should have meetings coming up. Golf is meant to be the last industry to go into the 'r' word and the first to come out. I'm sure the golf industry will tell a different story, and in this instance they may well be right. The world's not looking a pretty place. The only people who are happy are Pontins apparently. Bookings up by 20%! Tip for when the Open is next at the Royal Birkdale. There's a Pontins nearby, and it's cheap as chips. Not a bad way to get to see the golf. Check out


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Fund Raising

It's been a day on the phone and sending emails. We are cracking on with a funding round so we can accelerate what we are doing. It's all very well to be creating great content, and having fantastic access to all areas of golf. But we do need to make the golfers of the world aware of what we are doing, and that will require just a bit more than me writing a daily blog. But so far so good - we've got 1,300 pages referencing ShowMeTheGolf.TV on google - OK, so we've a fair way to to - no pun intended - but as the saying goes a journey of a thousand likes begins with a single foot step, and I think we've gone at least 100 miles of this particular journey. Certainly feels like it, as I need some new shoe leather.

Right, back to it. Some more people to contact.


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

And there's more

Chelsea are ahead, and I'm supping some wine. So where's the golf? Well, I've been searching out what's going on with the web, and frankly I'm a bit underwhelmed. Trying to build some global relationships, but no one seems to want to talk.

I'm probably being overly concerned - we're new to this whole blogging thing. We're used to creating full blown magazines, rather than being a bit random on t'internet. Advice required.


Meeting with The Chairman

I met with the Chairman this evening. We've only just appointed him, but he's already become all chairmany. I started to feel quite intimidated. But he's now off to watch Arsenal v Spurs, so I'll be glued to the radio to see if Spurs can stick it to them. Referenced the 'library' to him, and that didn't go down well. Not that I've suddenly become a Spurs fan. But Harry's as safe a pair of hands as you could wish for. It's that Daniel Levy that I can't stand.

But Chairman's general advise was sound and I will obey. Not that I'm a Darlek, but the fact of the matter is that we need to raise some cash to enable us to keep creating content that we hope will appeal to golfers far and wide.

And I've just heard that Seve's on the mend. So there may be a god!


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

And the big new is...

Led Zep are reforming, and I'm not talking about cutting out the booze and fags. And without Plantie.

Now you may ask what this got to do with golf? And you'd be right. But Tim is off to the football tonight - Leeds v Southend - and will therefore probably not pick up on the fact that I'm referencing my own personal rock gods. When the editors away etc.

Tim doesn't get Zep, and I quite understand that. If you don't get them they must seem horrendous. But to those of us who do, they cannot be beaten. I would have given up my last Srixon Soft Feels to seem them last year, but that wouldn't have got me anywhere. I'd have had to chuck in at least a couple of sets of Honmars, and sold Tim's signed Jack Nicklaus tenner to get in. Sad as I am I went straight to YouTube the following day and watched clips that people had taken on their mobile phones. Ha - I've managed to reference golf and online video under the pre-text of writing about the mighty Zeppelin!

Right, better get back to proper golf work - some 'heavy lifting' on some numbers. That's amost as bad as 'Walled Garden' and 'Platform agnostic.' We do have to deal with some rubbish to get where we want to go.


Progress & The NEC

Have to say thanks to Andy at the NEC Golf Show. We've now got a link on their site, and are looking forward to going there on the 21st November. Just in time for Christmas. I think we will stick to creating some new content and try and keep the credit cards under lock and key. They've all been used anyway getting us to this point, so there's nothing to be had there. Hard enough doing a start up without the world generally blowing up. But out of the finanical bedlam great golf entertainment will hopefully arise. That's the plan anyway. Right, time for another cuppa and a roll-up. Can't afford real fags until we get some funding. Maybe it's time to chuck in the habit and invest in a new putter.


Monday, 27 October 2008

Bit of a buzz

I've just seen the Swing Zone footage that we shot yesterday of Tim, our main man, and Richard Archer of Hard Fi- and I'm totally convinced. It's so the future now. We've all spent years trying to figure out how to swing a club from books and magazines, and frankly none of it has ever made any sense to me at all. I might have well have been looking at an incomprehensible car maintenance manual.

When I say "we", I have to admit I was back in doors getting some work done, and was therefore excused a couple of hours in the driving rain. But watching the results I'm totally there. Just how did we operate before we had access to all this fancy technology? Can't wait to have mine done.

In all honesty I've played crap golf for twenty years without a whisper of real complaint, but now I feel the gates of heaven have truly been opened. I know that sounds like I'm blowing smoke up our own arses, but stay with me. It's only when you've seen your own swing on video that you have any clue about what's really going on.

I used to think that I had something approaching a proper swing until I got 'captured' on the showreel for this caper. A bit of a revelation. My swing had nothing to do with golf at all. I might as well have been tossing a caber. It was humiliating. No wonder all those strange looks when I tipped up for golf events as a card carrying member of a new and grovy golf magazine. Be the brand - my arse.

But now, with my new found shoulder turn, I'm ready to face the world. And I want to capture what I've now got on video so that I can improve even more. I'm so fed up with apologising for myself. I'm going to get done in the next couple of weeks, and then I'll stick it up on our UGC piece - that's User Generated Content for the uninitiated. Check out

I'm ready, willing and almost able.


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Video Coaching

There's not such thing as a day off in SMGTV land as there's still so much to do to get us ready to move out of beta. We don't want to be one of those sites that are in permanent beta, and are therefore never fully ready and prepared to make a stand.

We'll always be developing new features and services, but we do want to get to a point where we can announce ourselves with full confidence to what will hopefully be a waiting world. Tim's being out filming new content in filthy weather so I'm feeling a little guilty that I've been spared the wind and the rain.

We're also working on introducing a new video coaching service, which will allow you to upload a video of your swing and then get a proper lesson sent back to you. You'll then be able to take the lesson down to the driving range and watch it on your mobile as you practice. Now that's got to work! I'm going to have to get mine done this week, and then put it up on the site. That could be more than a little embarrassing, but with my new improved shoulder turn I may just about get away with it.


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Post Revenue

I think we are about to become what is offically known as 'Post Revenue.' In the world of fund raising being 'Pre-revenue' is a licence either to get nowhere slowly or to be at the very least badly molested on the equity front.

But to-day I think we may be crossing that particular rubicon. We won't be cracking open the champagne just yet, but there may be a couple of pints of London Pride or strong continental lager being consumed tonight.

It's another step forward in terms of creating a long term channel that we can grow and enjoy being a part of. Still 29 minutes until Guinness time - not its not them, but their advertising must be working. But time to slip out for some refreshment.


Start Up Mode

This must be start up mode. Just thinking of maybe actually going to bed, but then think there's too much still to do. And found a half bottle of wine lurking in the undergrowth, so going for a last burst and couldn't help but come back and put down some late night thoughts. This is getting seriously habit forming. I think part of the late night effort is that I am transitioning from Apple to Microsoft as we have decided that we need to know how the site looks on both. That and the fact that my Mac Book has finally decided to throw in the towel. So now I am having to find my way around Windows XP, which doesn't come easy to a Mac user. Feel I am in alien territory. But there is one big upside to it as it does have iTunes - so while working away I've been rebuilding my music library. It's frightening, I could already be stuck here for 73.3 days without listening to the same thing twice. And I've only just scratched the surface.

I've also been checking out a new entry on the site from our man at the sharp end - Peter Gustaffson. Keep thinking I'm missing a 'a' after the 'f', but my Swedish was always poor.

He's just landed in San Francisco, and is getting ready for his first steps onto the PGA tour. We will all be shouting for you, even though our voices may not carry far.

Right back to some real work. What's next? An email to that nice man at Srixon. Sorry John.


Monday, 20 October 2008

TechCrunch Posting

Our Chief Technical Officer Michael has referenced us in a Techcrunch feature on Google Adwords. I've just spent 10 minutes reading the whole dialogue and blimey I felt a bit 0.0 rather than 2.0. It's like walking into a completely new world of assumed knowledge. I thought I was paying attention and keeping up with things in general - importance of the interbank lending rate, impact of lowered growth rate of China, CFD's etc etc. But somehow that's simply not enough. I've got to get my brain around Google trickery over affiliate landing pages, or something like that. Think I'm going to stick my head in a bucket of red wine and then re-emerge, refreshed and ready to get all 2.0 again.

The annoying thing was Michael stuck a bloody great image from our wonderful new site up on Techcrunch, but it didn't shift them out of tech mode for a moment. Not a blink of interest in golf. I think they need to get out more - a few hours on a golf course would help them out of their general bunkers and silos.


A little golf tip that actually works

My business partner Mr Southwell has transformed my golf game with one simple piece of advice. It's an oldie but goodie, and has totally sorted me out. 'Get your back to the target'. That's it. Simple as. Now it might be an obvious truth to many of you, but it has so worked for me. It doesn't involve thinking about 'lateral plains' or any other mumbo jumbo which I can't get my body or brain around. So I've been down the driving range over the weekend just thinking about that one thing - and I'm hitting straight and long. Little bit of a slice remaining, but I now like to think of it as a power fade. Now feeling confident that I'll be able to keep the SMGTV end up when we next get asked to play.

Better stop thinking of my swing now and crack on with some actual work. Some debugging to be done, and need to get my paws on some goodies for the website. Watch out Bunker Mentality, I need some shirts.


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Global Financial Meltdown

It's not exactly great to have a global financial meltdown going on when you're trying to get a new project off the ground. But at least people are going to need to get out and clear their heads for a few hours and escape from the general doom and gloom. Apparently golf is the last industry going into a recession and the first one to recover when coming out of one. That say's a lot about golfers. Buggered if we're not going to play, but maybe I could wait a bit for that new wedge. How else do golfers cut back in hard times? No sausage sandwiches? Lake balls?

Our solution to the current melt down is a tee time booking facility which will provide our members with super value tee time bookings. OK, so we're not promising The Belfry or Turnberry for a tenner. But there will be some great value offers coming soon with a goodly range of courses on offer. For example, I think we'll be able to get you onto Tilgate Forest in West Sussex for a fiver if you're prepared to get up with the lark - I'd be up for that as it's a good challenge. It's work in progress, but we should have it up and running before too long. Our response to global financial armaggedon.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Teenage Golf Sex: Foreplay Shocker!

Its link-bait time at!

We're gradually rolling out features as we increase our user numbers and to help that process we have started our marketing campaign in earnest. With that in mind we're asking all readers of this blog to consider where they can spread the news, and more importantly post links to our site.

If you tweet, blog, facebook or digg please use your powers of web2.0 social media dissemination to consider posting about us.

The post that brings the most traffic will win something golf related. Tim is meeting with our sponsors this week so there should be some good gear up for grabs, Ive heard mention of some fancy putters. Its all dutch to me.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Munich next week for the annual golf conference. Just booked onto Swiss Air – don't think they are about to go bust, but who knows. Now I come to think about it, I think they had a bit of a run in a couple of years.

We did try and go by train – carbon footprint, blah, blah, blah. We actually quite liked the thought of avoiding Heathrow or Stansted, and watching the world go by from a train window. Have to say it's a booking minefield - Eurostar to Brussels, then to Cologne and finally onto Munich. But can you book a single ticket? Of course not. So it's Sunday morning, London Heathrow, terminal bloody Three.

And then two full days of telling the world about and how we plan to take over the world. Well, we'll probably start with the UK, but we love a bit of global golf.

The Munich Golf Show is at the same time as the Munich Beer festival, so our mission is fraught with danger. Lots of pissed Aussies and Kiwis, and Bavarians in leather gear. I'm sure we'll get the odd stein down us. I'm not known as Keg for nothing.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Inn The Witch

So at long last it's all about to kick off. And I'm not talking about the Ryder Cup. It's launch day for It's been about a year and a half in the making. From the 'Why don't we do a golf TV show our own way?', to 'How the hell do we make that happen?', to meeting the right people who really know about technology and all the 2.0 stuff, to getting the whole thing built, to getting our first interviews done, to getting the first programme filmed, to getting down the Witch Inn in time for the the Ryder Cup tee-off.

So here we are. Pint number two for the tournament. Teed off with a pint of Old Speckled Hen as the Harvey's is off. I think of it as a 7 iron – good for accuracy, and should keep you out of too much trouble. I'm keeping the long irons for Sunday night and hopefully another European victory.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

'Proper' Beta

So the gearing up to go proper beta continues apace. I know that we've already left the door open, so to speak, but that still in my mind doesn't constitute 'proper' beta. I think I'll feel that way when we've got a lot of the initial bugs out of the way and raised our heads properly over the media parapet. It will feel real for sure then, and I'll probably be spending my time glued to Google Analytics watching out for every newcomer to the site, and wanting to welcome them in person over the new threshold. That's what it feels like for someone who grew up in 0.0 and is now swimming around in 2.0 - but loving it. I think I was living in Jamaica when 1.0 happened, but as we only had one line out to the wider world in the whole business, I think I missed it. And that was one line between 500 people. We weren't bleeding edge there, but the weather was a whole lot better as were the mangoes.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

LPGA players to take English test

On Monday, it was reported that the LPGA has taken some rather drastic measures towards some of their international members. The LPGA has 121 international members from 26 countries, 45 of which hail from South Korea. Most of the South Koreans speak little or no English, which is not very user friendly for the sponsors, media, or fans that wish to interact with the stars of the LPGA. “The LPGA will require players to speak English starting in 2009, with players who have been LPGA members for two years facing suspension if they can't pass an oral evaluation of English skills.”

Yes, I said stars, as the South Koreans, along with many others have started to dominate the LPGA Tour. When the winners of golf tournaments are not able to give interviews, interact with the title sponsors and their invited guests, and participate in media days as defending champions for upcoming events, it puts a strain on the LPGA in regards to cultivating current or future sponsors in this difficult economy.

I have seen something of this nature coming for a while now, and while it has caused a huge uproar this week in the United States, I am surprised more people did not see this more as inevitable, than a surprise. I can see lawsuits on the horizon, and I am not aware of the LPGA bylaws, but you can bet, with the amount of money at stake for the non-English speaking members, this will not go untested.

While admittedly harsh, I believe the LPGA is looking at this with the future in mind. If they have any hope of holding onto the sponsors they currently have, or more difficult yet, growing the tour in a down economy, they will have to be seen as user friendly.

by Jay Townsend

Friday, 15 August 2008

Thieving Bastards

Meeting with our Michael, our CTO has had to be cancelled. Some thieving bastard nicked his bicycle! So meeting postponed until tomorrow, when I'm going to Arsenal v West Brom with him. He's a Geordie, so this will be a bit of a step up in class. Not that I'm a Gooner either - but my sister is away and I've got access to two season tickets. Not going to turn them down when we are pre-revenue!

Working away on getting ready to unleash to a largely unsuspecting world. Want to get a tee booking system in place before we go live as that is so part of the future. I'd love to get an email every monday giving me good deals on local courses for the coming week. Heaver Castle for £16. Yes please. Works for me!

Right better get on with that and a couple of hundred other things.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Show Me The Content Delivery Network

Theres a blogosphere debate about content delivery versus content creation based on a New York Times interview with the top dog at Warner; is it the content or is it the delivery? As the techie at showmethegolf its a debate I've also had with our top dog.

For the record we firmly believe that content is King. All of our effort including that of the tech team, is in ensuring we deliver our viewers the best possible content. Whilst bad delivery will detract from the content, good delivery will never add to it. Thats why I'm glad we have a great CDN partner in place in level3 as it removes a lot of my worries.

So we salute you Jeffrey L. Bewkes and wish you all the best at the head of Warner. If you want a great golf tv show for the Turner network, you know where we are!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Welsh Wales

Just back from a busman's holiday in Wales - well, an attempt anyway as it chose to rain all week.

Managed to get in a couple of rounds - one at Aberdovy one at Borth. Both great links courses.

Borth is only 5,700 yards, but it is so much fun to play. The second is its hell hole - sea on the left and main road on the right, which cuts right through the course. Lost one to the sea - thought I'd make my slice work for me for once, but it was not to be. Played the first 8 by myself and then was invite to join a group of three members for the rest of the round. Great company. It's one of the things I most love about golf. Meeting quality people who treat you as their guest. I've invited them to check out - ok, so it's not the fastest way of building an audience, but you've got to start somewhere!

Had a crack at Aberdovy as well. Played with another visitor, and again had a great time. He was off 13, and a complete golf junkie. Didn't let the side down too badly and gave him a game.

And what's more after both games, everyone was up for a pint. Hats off!


Friday, 1 August 2008

What's Next

After the frantic week that was The Open it has been good to calm down for a moment and draw breath for a few minutes. We got a great reception from everyone we talked to, and there seems to be a real appetite for what we are trying to do. Now we are going through a debugging phase in preparation for a beta launch around The Ryder Cup. In the meantime I'm heading off for a couple of days break in Wales. Hoping to play Aberdovey, Borth and Harlech. I've played Borth and Aberdovey before and love them, but Harlech will be a new challenge. Not that I find easy at either Borth or Aberdovey, especially if the wind blows.

As I am writing this I'm also trying to listen to the Test Match and watch the British Ladies Open. We're Melissa Reid fans here, but she had a tough day yesterday. We're hoping she can pull something out of the bag today. Bugger Vaughn out for 17, and we're still 44 behind. Just watching Karen Stubbles coming through at 18 - she had to get up 4.15am to get ready for her round.

Next week we're also setting a bunch of lab rats onto the site to have a look under the bonnet and see what, if anything, we are missing. This beta thing is a fascinating process, but at the same time you do actually want to know that you've got something in the can and finished.

Now throwing it down at Sunningdale. OK, so not Open weather, but I'll stick with the TV today. We were planning an assault on Sunningdale this afternoon, but there's still too much to get sorted before I can disappear to deepest Wales with my sticks.

Alliss jamming on pelmets and monsoons. 'You youngsters won't know what a pelmet is." Thanks Peter.


Monday, 28 July 2008


There we were quietly minding our own business, trundling through the Yorkshire Pennines in the SMGTV motor home. The mood inside the wagon was one of quiet satisfaction. We'd just 'launched' ShowMeTheGolf.TV at The Open. Thanks to our friends at Auto Trail Motor Homes and The Vincent Hotel in Southport, we'd even managed to make it look like we knew what we were doing. Everyone seemed to approve of what we were up to and while the channel still had a lot of bugs to iron out we were well on our way to building the world's grooviest web tv golf channel & golf social networking unit. It was twenty past two on Open Sunday. We’d vacated the Southport area that morning having feasted on the Birkdale links for three solid days. Three days during which a relentless wave of hurricanes had reduced the field to a collection of nervous wrecks and, crucially, blown away any notion that Tiger Woods’ absence would in any way devalue this Open. The story was all about the weather, Greg Norman and ‘what the blazes happened to Padraig Harrington’s bad wrist?!’…. and who could stand tallest, strongest and remain resolute against all the gods had to throw at them. We were heading for Aunty Jean’s Cherry Tree guest house in Calder Valley, a warm TV to watch the final round unfold and the promise of yet more lager and crisps. All was well with the world. Until, that is, an Ian Poulter lookalike stormed round the corner in his Vauxhall Noncemobile and forced us to take evasive action. The noise was a dead giveaway. As the side of the wagon grinded against the 300-year-old Pennine road-side wall, it sounded like a gaggle of banshees dressed up in medieval armour were break-dancing in an enormous biscuit tin. The damage was significant but it could have been worse. A bit like The Open itself, no one was hurt but you can see the wear and tear on the protagonists. Three hours later, Padraig Harrington unleashed the shot of the year at the 17th. As he waved to the crowd his wrist seemed fine. Which was a bit annoying because I’d put all my money on Garcia, and for some reason I’ve yet to fathom, Kevin Stadler. The 2008 Open was drawing to a close. A massive success for Birkdale, tent pole manufacturers and ShowMeTheGolf.TV. Onwards and upwards granddads!
Mind how you go,

Monday, 14 July 2008

Welcome to ShowMeTheGolf

Hello World,
I'm the techie on this project so this post is just to check I've done this task properly. Interesting posts about golf coming soon. You may get the odd update from me if we do anything technically brilliant and the occasional apology when the site goes down.
But in the meantime, welcome to ShowMeTheGolf.TV!