Friday, 23 January 2009

What a show exlaimation mark

Show number 3 and I like it , I like it, I like, it's only rock'n roll but .....actually it's golf, and stop being a golf and Stones loving grandad. Lost the plot for a moment. Composure now regained. But I loved it. I've been sweating away in the background, trying to get things moving on all sorts of fronts, and hadn't quite realised what was occuring front of house. They are having too much fun, which is probably why the Golf Magic crew hated it. All my buttons have been pressed, and now going for a lie down.


Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday Morning

This is apparently the worse day in the year. Monday, plenty of time away from payday, bad weather, banking crisis, credit card bills coming into be reckoned with. Heard this on Radio 4 this morning, and almost felt like rolling over and not getting up. Well with RBS posting a loss of untold billions, it certainly puts what we are doing into perspective. We've not quite reached that scale yet, and we are a damn sight more careful with our money than they appear to be. Just been checking out a new site I came aross at the weekend called wexo. Apparently it's the place to go and find up and coming young things looking for work experience - otherwise known as photocopying and tea making. Although I guess in these days, there's a lot less photocopying done than there used to be. So we've stuck a toe into that water to see if we can find some golf mad berks who know their way around the internet, and want to get involved with the good ship Showmethegolf. If anyone hears of anyone, let us know. We've got a couple of spare desks and extra mugs. We'll even stretch to the tea bags.


Saturday, 17 January 2009

And another thing

Well it's Saturday night and I'll do anything to avoid Casualty. So it's time to talk to myself again on blog land. The question that I'm fretting my head about tonight is how to engage an army of golf mad bloggers to let the world know about Show Me The Golf? We've created some amazing content, we've got the good and great of golf all lined up, but we need to be able to shout our message to the world. I thought all you needed to do was fire off a quick email, do something virtual, and then the whole world would start knocking on you doorstep. But I'm coming to the view that it's a little trickier than that. Potentially quite a lot trickier. So it's time to get out SEO for morons and see where we go from there. Watch out world, we're jumping in.


Friday, 16 January 2009

Show Number 3

I can't believe it' not butter - sorry, where was I. I meant to say I can't believe that we have already been filming show number 3. What happened to shows 1 and 2? Done and dusted, and out there and hopefully being enjoyed. All the feedback has been so positive - people really are fed up with golf being presented in a dull way. And we are breaking the mold - I meant mould. Same thing really. Big thank you to those nice people at Bunker Mentality, Sky Caddie, Srixon amongst others. Being a previous about Srixon, but we love their soft feels and general approach to life. So who's next? It's all going on.....And Show 3 will be a real treat.


Friday, 9 January 2009

We've only gone and launched....

After weeks of frenetic activity we've gone and launched ourselves onto an unsuspecting world. Our first show went out on Setanta on Tuesday night, sponsored by those nice people at Bunker Mentality. The show's has been repeated across the week, and if you missed it can now be seen on our website - We then popped down to the Witch Inn for a large drink. Reminds me, we need to go and pay the tab....

Show 2 is now being filmed in the studio as I write - studio sounds a bit grand - our office in Haywards Heath. I'd better keep the noise down.....