Wednesday, 6 May 2009

London Golf Show

To the London Golf Show on Friday at Excel. Year No 5 for them, which is pretty good going in this environment I would have said. More travel focused this year I found than before, and as always plenty to buy at The American Golf stand. One of our gang managed to buy himself a single Ping 4 iron, which I thought was a bit of a result. We were a bit distracted from the main event as we had to deliver a speech on the future of Golf broadcasting. Now that we've been going for a few months we are industry experts. Well, I think we had a few point to make. The arrival of gary Lineker is hardly a palace revolution. But we liked the new iPhone app that allowed you to watch Amen corner on your phone - well, your phone if you have an iPhone that is. And that ain't me yet. So Sky, BBC and Setanta will continue to hold onto the broadcast rights as we haven't got a few hundred million at hand, but they are still not exactly moving the game on in terms of coverage. Peter Alliss is 78 for heaven's sakes. No disrespect of course. He is an essential part of the viewing experience. But they will need to plan for an Alliss free future at some stage.