Friday, 21 November 2008

NEC Golf Show

Just back in after a long day in Birmingham at the NEC Golf Show. Show runs for another two days, so get in there. There was some brisk business being done, especially at the American Golf stand - or should I say superstore - a massive bit of retail space at the heart of the show. There's no sign of a golf recession in the West Midlands from what I saw.

I was impressed by the visitors - real hard core golf junkies.

Less impressed by having to pay £8 to park.

Bit of a liberty if you also have to pay and entry fee. Didn't realise that the NEC is really a car parking business. That's ok for a trade show, but it's asking a lot for punters. So we drove straight through the barriers as an act of defiance. Well, we thought about it. For at least 30 seconds.

We also hooked up with some old friends, including Andy Hiseman of Hiseman Ltd, and Nicole Wheatley of Medi8ltd. Amongst many others of course - we've got lots of friends, really.

We also unleashed the wonderful Sophie Horn on an unsuspecting golf world. She will be a superstar on ShowMeTheGolf.TV.

Right to bed. 7 hours of driving, one McDonalds, 4 pints of bitter and I'm done. I wasn't doing the driving I would add.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

It's all Kicking off

Tomorrow we are off to the NEC for the golf show. We'll be talking to everyone and giving them the full low down, whether they want to hear it or not. We make no apologies. Lots of other exciting things happening, but it's still a little early to write about them here. How annoying! But have to keep mum until things are properly sorted. But it's all looking good in the SMGTV world.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Well this whole fund raising process can be a little frantic, and occasionally things get the better of you. We had a great scam email today - high quality and not your normal Nigerian rubbish. A whole lot more cunning, well referenced etc etc. We had 30 seconds of blimey and an hour of get off my case. But you still feel a little tarnished by the whole thing, especially as you are totally serious about getting things done, as we are.

But the ships sails on in a stately manner, ready to bob around a bit on the waves of fund raising madness. We'll get it sorted.


Monday, 17 November 2008

Sky Caddy

I've been trying to get my paws on a Sky Caddy to offer as a competition prize, but guess what - stock is impossible to get hold of. Everything they've got is out waiting to be gobbled up for Christmas. So that's good news -either there's not a recession going on or golfers are putting a little extra on the mortgage to squeeze out a bit more competitive advantage. Think I know where my money is. It's like this Abbey National....sorry, Santander. And I'm not linking to them!


Sunday, 16 November 2008

All Quite On The Golfing Front

It's been an almost golf free day. Didn't even make it down the driving range to refine that piece of art that is my swing - more influenced by Picasso in his blue period than anything else.

Doesn't yet quiet have the refinement of an Octopus falling out of a tree a la Mr Jim Furyk. That's phase two. Well, probably phase 85 and then I'll be a rich Tour player, which is in the grand scale of things quite unlikely.

So now I'm going to sit and review my Swing Zone motion analysis video. It's a bit of a video nasty, but at least I now know the truth and have got a way forward to sorting it out. Then I'm going to settle in for a bit of Alien V Predator - walk in the park after watching my swing.


Old Friends

Had a catch up with one the business's old friends, Reuben Cook. He set up our original IT infrastructure when we were launching Golf Punk. He also managed to set off the alarm system at the Sussex Innovations Centre where we were based by burning the toast - this resulted in a full scale evacuation of the building! Bit of a classic moment. Reuben has his own IT infrastructure company -The Full Circle -which I'd really recommend. But just don't let him anywhere near the toaster.


Saturday, 15 November 2008


Last week was a big week in all sorts of ways, and next week promises to be even bigger. We had to sort out what we wanted to do at the NEC Golf Show. That's taken care of now and we're up on Friday for the day. We were going to be up for the whole weekend, but one of Tim's saucepans is having his First Holy Communion so we have to get back for that - as a bit of a lapsed Catholic I'm with the programme, and have always wanted to do this - link to the faith - Maybe there is a band of Catholic golfing brothers out there? We are all very nice here, so it's always a possibility. But we are also multi faith - if you golf you get it.

Then there's been a flurry of fund raising activity, and all of it good. We've been everywhere - from Haywards Heath to Horsham, to the City of London- I know they are in disgrace at the moment, but we do need a little consideration to keep us in bandwidth - our provider is Level 3 - golf balls - we love our Srixons and our Pro V1's in particular - and RedBull.

Reminds me that I must call Red Bull next week, as they do the Final Five - have a RedBull and play like a god for the last five holes - and will probably be very supportive.

So all is good on the home front. Global dominance will take a while, but you have to start somewhere.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Poults Driver

So Poults threw his toys out of his pram because he had his driver nicked-

Now I do like a nice cobra myself and we previewed the new L5V in our last show, so I have a large degree of sympathy - well, 11 degrees of loft sympathy actually.

I'm still getting my head round the downside of playing in the tournament badly rather than picking up a new one out of the pro shop and having a trash, and maybe getting something out of it.

But this is because I am not a Tour Pro. Is it a loss of points, which puzzles me, or the possibility of loosing confidence? I am not the journo around here so I don't feel to embarrassed asking. Will turn the question over to the rest of the troops tomorrow.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Weller's Been Smoking

This is for Tim's benefit. Paul Weller's been caught smoking in Crawley. What a bad man! And he hates golf! Double bad stuff. That's after I paid £5.98 for a pack of Malbi Lights this evening on the way home - daylight robbery, or in my case night time robbery. Hate these short days.

I'm not going to link to Marlboro as that could cause us all sorts of problems. So instead I'll link to a product which we highlighted on our last show - This lets you have a smoke and then stub out your ciggie and put it into your own mobile ashtray. Very environmentally friendly, and keeps the greens free of irritating butts.

Apparently it's also good for storing your used chewing gum.

So next time Paul, if you want a fag on stage 1) Don't - have some nicorette instead and take a Stubbi with you - 2) Have a game of golf instead and take a Stubbi with you 3) Have a game of golf, smoke heavily, record another great album - see latest offering - and steer clear of Crawley.

So that's how you combine Paul Weller, Smoking, Golf and blowing smoke up your CEO's ass in one piece. Checkmate in three.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Bunker Mentality

Those nice people at Bunker Mentality have really come up with the goods, or should I say the goodies.

50 of their finest shirts to be used as prizes to entice golfers of the world to sign up and get their golf friends on board.

Family hold back as the saying goes, so I'll probably have to stick to wearing my old M&S tat. But maybe if I asked nicely....


Sunday, 9 November 2008

New Show

The new show is up and live and dangerous.

It should keep you all well amused and informed.

We are also featuring our first advertiser - Sky Caddy. And we love the ad - very creative I have to say, and I'm going to try and blag one for Christmas.

Check it out at Could save you a lot of pain.


Burghess Hill Golf Centre

Sunday is another work day as there's too much to be done in readyness for the NEC Golf show -

But I needed to get out - well, I generally think I need to get out more - so I went off to the Burghess Hill Golf Centre -

They've got 28 undercover, floodlit, bays and a great little 9 hole course, which is very well maintained. USPGA spec greens no less. It's perfect for squeezing in a few holes when you are short on time, and it's quiet a tough challenge. I'm still to shoot a great round there, and as I felt that wasn't going to happen today, I kept myself confined to the Driving Range.

They've recently put in those machines that tee your ball up for you, which is bliss. But you can crank your way through a lot of balls without really thinking about what you are doing.

Right, better get back to it.


Lords Love Us And Save Us

Just found out that James Milner is attending the NEC Golf Show and Tim is a mad Leeds fan - JM being an ex Leeds player and all of that. So I'm sure we are going to be after an interview with him.

Count down has now started for the show, and we're almost good to go. Tim's motor has a fresh MOT and is properly taxed, so no worries there.

We'll be watching out for speed camera's, but James Milner should also watch out. Hope to see you all there. Check out


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Mannings Heath

We were filming the 1th at Mannings Heath yesterday, and what a perfect Autumn day. Checked the forecast two day beforehand, and was expecting to get rained on all day. But perfect sunshine, and we managed to capture their famous 11th in all its Autumn glory.

Also filmed the 5th on their Kingfisher course, which is a great pay and play course. The main Waterfall course is members only, so we know we are tempting to you in and then can't deliver it to you properly. But if any site members really want a go, come back to us through and we'll try and sort you out.

The 11th is their Hellhole - trouble the whole way down the left hand side in the shape of a stream. But as I slice, I wasn't too phased. Anyway, the footage will be up in a couple of weeks, so you'll be able to check it out properly then.

The Kingfisher course is their pay and play course. It's probably some of the best value golf that you'll get in Sussex on a rock up and play basis. Check it out at

I get the feeling that people are catching on to what they've got at the Kingfisher, so its probably best to book ahead. But we are planning to have our golf scoiety there as it's perfect for the mixed bunch of golfers that make up our Berk Central. You can book at

That all looks a bit long winded for me. So if that doesn't work just go to and you'll soon find your way there.

I've also got to say that you'll get a very warm welcome there. OK, so we were there in an 'official' capacity, but the truth is they didn't need to be so helpful as we are still in our infancy and just getting going. But they were extremely hospitable and generally made life very easy. So expect a warm welcome and enjoy the food - some of the best golf grub around.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Just been watching our interview with the Cobra Senior Product Manager, and I've got to say its a corker. I know we are finding our feet in this space, but I just have to say that this is the best way to find out about new equipment. Why read a press ad when you can actually see a product being demonstrated and explained through video? I think I got a bit tearful just watching it. I have now composed myself and am fit to continue. Could use one of their mighty beasts on Friday when we hit Mannings Heath. Check out

Over and out.


Mannings Heath

Just trying to sort out some golf at Mannings Heath - we want to shoot their famous 11th as aHell Hole. Aparently it is one of Gary Players top 18, so we'd better do it justice.

Sophie is going to be coming along, so we are going to have to be on top form as she can hit the ball a country mile.

There's talk about getting on the course for 7am, so it's going to have to be an early night. And it better not be raining! Just checked. Rain all expect some rain lashed footage coming your way soon on

Monday, 3 November 2008

Free Golf

My brother has donated some vouchers to play golf at Hampton Court Palace to the cause. He's a member and plays about twice a year as he's got saucepans (translation: saucepan lid = kid). I've been playing there for years - well before it was rebranded as Hampton Court Palace.

Used to be called Home Park, and was basically the course for London Cabbies. All tarted up now, but still a lovely course. Inland links for the main part, which is a totally alien concept until you go and actually play there. It's weird thinking links golf and looking up to see Hamtpon Court Palace in the background.

Now my game is almost intact, I'm looking forward to having a proper go there. The rough is terrible in the summer, but should have quietened down by now. Another weird feature is the bird life - there's a whole colony of Parakeets living there.

Right, back to it.


Karlsson, Kjeldsen, Kalmer

I'm sure there's some sort of joke about a Swede, a Dane and a German but I can't for the life of me figure it out on a damp Monday morning. But the 3 K's, let's call them all had a pretty good weekend. Tied in 32nd place was good enough for Karlsson to take the Order of Merit, while Kjeldsen's 71 wrapped up a win having led from the first round. And as for the final K, Mr Kayer took second place with a 68 and secured his 8th position in the Order of Merit.

So that's that then for the year, and maybe forever, as the Race to Dubai now takes over. And as this starts this month with the HSBC Champions event in Shanghai, you have to say that the golf season is now pretty much continuous. Well, we've got a few days off, but that's about it.....not complaining mind you as I need some continuous golf distraction to keep my mind off the state of the economy.


Sunday, 2 November 2008

Letting you all know

It's all well and good to have developed a great site, but if we can't let you know what's going on what chance do we have? I'm now engrossed in the dark arts of search engine optimiziation, and learning how to make everyone come and join the fun.

But it's a steep learning curve for the uninitiated I can tell you. A little bit of this, a dab of the other, and a dollop of some of that. Need some proper tuition. We're not going to all this trouble to create great content if none of you know it's there. Right, lesson one: introduce relevant key words. Here's a few: golf, more golf, a bit more golf, even more golf than we had earlier on, additional golf, double golf this afternoon, and let's play golf on Friday at Manning's Heath.

That's actually in the plan as we want to go and play the 11th which is their Hell Hole, and one of Gary Player's Top 18 in the world. Hope Google doesn't penalise me for stuffing in as many mentions of golf into this blog as is humanly possible, but we've got to start somewhere. And as we are all about golf, and nothing but golf, I think it's only fair that we stick the word golf about the place as often as humanly possible.

But need some more coaching from the CTO as to how we get recognized and appreciated for what we are doing. Well, maybe not appreciated, but we'd love some of you to get involved and come on board. We may have to revert to more headlines like 'Teenage Golf Sex Frenzy.' That certainly got on Golf Girl's radar, and so we had some American visitors as a result. Which was very welcomed. Hope they come back and visit soon.


Boo Weekly and Jay Leno

Just been watching the Boo Weekly interview which we've got on ShowMeTheGolf.TV. He's as Southern a boy as Southern a boy gets. I'll be getting my Lynard Skynard dusted off, and a bit of Drive By Truckers - actually, they're probably a bit too modern and ironic for Boo. Great to see that Boo's performance and persona has broken through in the wider American consciousness. It's all good.


Analytics Chapter 2

I've just found out how to get over Google inferiority complex. Well, we are new so if you type in showmethegolf you get about 1600 page listings. Not bad in all honesty as we've only been around a few weeks. But when I found that golf in Iran gave you about 3 million Google listings I did feel a bit miffed. So I've now gone and typed in show me the golf, and everything's just fine. We've got 3,520,000 listings already, so we're probably famous already, but we just don't know it. Thanks heavens for that.


The Power of Analytics

I just love checking out our site analytics, and seeing who's been looking in and from where. At the moment our we've had viewers everywhere from Connecticut and Virgina to California and Maine. It feels a bit random when you are used to doing magazines, but exhilarating at the same time as you know you can connect with people in so many different states without having to raise millions to launch an actual magazine in the US. Or India, or China, or anyway else that golfs played for that matter. I am wondering which countries in the world don't have a golf course.

I lived in the Ukraine for a bit and there were none there, but I think one was being built when I was going. I know there's one in Afghanistan. There's a nine hole in Nepal near Katmandu airport. Tibet's probably short on courses. And then there's the various Stans - Kazik etc where the great game has probably not yet exploded. Africa is a tricky one, and I'll tread carefully here as the Congo isn't exactly a belly of laughs at the moment.

Latin America is pretty well covered - some great courses in Argentina I'm told.

Iceland's doing fine on the golf front - if not so well on other fronts.

Alaska has got have some golf action - but I'm steering well clear of Palin country.

I know El Salvador has a course, as Richard Archer from Hard Fi has told me that there's a great course there. Sorry for the shameless name drop. But it is almost relevant, and I don't know many famous rock stars - although Shane McGowan was at my school. A little before my time it has to be said. And Gavin Rosedale from Bush was there. I like to think that I encouraged him with the guitar. It's just that he went on the sell millions of records in the US, and I didn't.
Not that I'm bitter you understand.

The Gualapagos are probably underserved, but as they are part of Ecuador they don't count.

Falkland islands have a few courses.

I doubt golf has taken off in Iran yet - better google that to check. One moment. No - 8,880,000 entries for golf Iran. They must be mad for it. That's given me a terrible Google ranking inferiority complex. Apparently they are building a multi billion dollar golfing complex there. Can't be right. How do you spend a billion on a golf course?

Where else? Ethiopa. Check. Spa as well. How about Bhutan?, covered. Go to - of course! They've even got a Youth Association - but no pro shop in the country, so there's an opportunity. Of sorts.

North Korea is obviously a hot bed as the great leader shot a -38 on his first ever go. He's planning on joining the Race to Dubai I'm told.

Just had a stab at Azerbiajan - yup, covered. Forgot about Baku Golf and Country Club.

Now I'm really starting to struggle....

Kazahstan - covered again. Just played their 3rd national Open.

Mongolia. Surely not. Let's check. 2 courses including the Genghis Khann Country Club - and there's an article about a berk who played 1320 miles of golf from one end of the country to the other. Get a life.

Anyway, so there you have it. Golf is pretty much everywhere - which we all knew - but you'll struggle to get a game in Tibet, and some parts of Africa. Otherwise, wherever you are heading, bring your clubs. You might just need them.



I am taking a break from golf for a couple of minutes to catch up with the Stanford Cup. I'm delighted the West Indies - sorry the Superstars - are getting the cash. It'll be a boost for the whole region. I lived in Jamacia for a couple of years, and know how much they will feel it . IN STYLE - six finishes it. Job done. Right, better get back to some golf stuff.

Saturday, 1 November 2008


The Postman came this morning and delivered a lovely package of golfing wonderment. It's a new training gismo, which helps sort out your balance. I'm feeling slightly off balance this evening, but that's more to do with the wine, and I don't think any training aid could sort that out. Will wait until tomorrow before trying it.


Mothers of Invention

Yesterdy we were down at the Sussex Golf College, which is based at Lindfield Golf Course, for the which a big thanks to Paul Lyons who runs the show there. We set up our studio for the show we are now recording in their up-stairs driving range area, and I have to say it worked a treat. A little bit parky, but that kept us all on our toes and helped keep the pace going. Necessity is certainly the mother of invention, as Frank Zappa would testify. A bit of creativity, and viola a fantastic golf studio.

So this weekend we'll start the editing, and by sometime mid next week there will be programme number two from the ShowMeTheGolf.TV team. We are thinking of inviting Jonathan Ross down for the next show, as it looks like he'll be needing some broadcasting work. Won't be asking that Brand fellow though, as he'd never focus on the golf, and would spend all his time trying to seduce our wonderful Sophie Horn. Over my dead body. Or to misquote Charlton Heston, 'from my dead, cold hand.' He was talking about guns I think rather than women, but I was reminded of the saying after a conversation with Our Man in the US, Jay Townsend. Not only a great golfer, but a fine shot as well. And heavily armed when back in the US. If attacked likely to come at you with a 9 iron and a 44. You have been warned.