Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Rye Golf Club Gets What's Coming to Them

I came across this today in the Brighton Evening Argus and thought what the f~~~~. I mean fair play, you can do what you like with your cash. But if there was ever an undeserving cause then it has to be Rye Golf Course. But they breed their members well. I'm not bitter. But posting this probably condemns me to never playing there, which will be a shame. Do they do magnanimity?

A wealthy golf fanatic left almost half a million pounds to one of Sussex's most exclusive clubs in his will.

Retired Treasury lawyer Peter Smith lived alone in Winchelsea, near Hastings, with his pet lapdog until he died aged 90 last summer.

The former Army Major used to visit Rye Golf Club - which counts former Prime Ministers David Lloyd George, AJ Balfour and Winston Churchill among its former members - at least three times a week.

Friends described him as a solitary, private man who never married and had no family.

But many were astonished to discover he had donated almost his entire fortune - £441,536 - to the wealthy club when he died.

Rye Golf Club raises more than £1m a year in membership subscriptions, bar revenue and sales of club ties, books and buttons.Last year it spent £3,590 from another legacy on tankards.

Rye is a traditional, members only club. It has 113 women among its 1,327 members.

Club president Tony Wesson - a long-standing friend of Major Smith's - said the donation was extremely welcome, but admitted they had no immediate use for the money.

I'd also add that when you get to their website the first message you get is that this website is primarily for club members. This lot don't like riff raff. It's as if they've got putting people's noses out of joint down to a fine art. It's everything that golf should not and isn't about. A plague on their house and fungus on their greens.

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